I developed a B2B platform where employers can find discounts or benefits for their employees.

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Timeframe9 months

Toptierperk is no longer live, but you can watch a demo.


If you have worked for a big company you may have had nice perks, or maybe even discounts in particular stores. Maybe you found out you had that discount because your co-workers told you or because you get one email a week telling you about these benefits.

There are multiple problems with that.

  1. This is usually for big companies only, smaller size businesses don't have the competitive advantage of offering different perks to their employees.
  2. The communication channels to inform about these perks can be forgotten, overlooked, or only available through your work computer or VPN.
  3. The provider of the perk can't verify that the client works for they claim they work for.
  4. There is no way to limit the usage or provision of those perks, they may have restrictions or limits.
  5. When you arrive to a restaurant, you are not thinking about the discount that you were given at work.


A web application where businesses of any size, can acquire perks for their employees. It's available on the web, and employees need to be verified by the employer for safety.

The perk provider has access to a QR code scanner to verify the perk is available to the client.

Key features

  • Perk provider profile allows to create offers or perks in the platform.
  • Other businesses can acquire those perks.
  • Employees can see the list of perks available and they can use them.
  • The perks have usage limits.
  • The perk provider has a QR scanner to verify the client.
  • The app works with subscriptions, and only the employer pays for it.


It took me some time to finish but I got it done.

It's not the code I am the most proud of but it is worth being in production.

There were a lot of product decisions I had to make.

The app worked and did what I wanted it to do, but I did not try to market it.