09 Tattoo automations

Automation tools for tattoo businesses. Save time and offer an improved and personalized customer experience.

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Timeframe1 month


The tattoo industry does not have a lot of technological resources, and not all the studios give a premium service when it comes to communication, personalization, appointment management, referrals...

I wanted to help artists and tattoo shops look professional by automating some parts of their business.

Automation tools can be expensive, and hard to implement. I wanted to create a way to offer these tools in a way that I does not cost me anything.


I created my own web app that integrates with third parties.

I planned to offer it as a personalized service instead of SaaS because the onboarding is technical.

I deployed it with free tiers, and the integrated platforms also have free tiers so that anyone can access it for free.

Key features

  • Referral program
  • Calendar/Booking automation tools
  • Newsletter
  • Birthday promos
  • Automatic reply
  • Appointment reminders
  • Submit contract
  • Follow-ups after appointment
  • Feedback collection


Although I did not really try to onboard clients or sell this service, it's live for anyone who wants it.

I used the tools listed at the top of the page. It took me 2 weeks to build.

I think this would be a better product if it could be a SaaS and the user did not need personal onboarding. Also if I did my own custom booking and calendar integration, along with a email provider integration. I launched it as an MVP given that those features would be very time consuming for a side project.